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Upstream project valuation has never been easier! Analyze your projects online using inustry standard methodologies and contract models.



A well-by-well comprehensive database of hydraulic fracturing fluid chemical disclosure data.

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Latest News

  • Our C-FLOW Calculator is available in both a Free and Pro version to help you valuate your upstream projects
  • E&E News uses D-FRAC as the source for their 'Two-thirds of frack disclosures omit secrets' analysis.
  • D-FRAC gets coverage in the online version of the Midland Reporter-Telegram,, in this article.
  • Banned diesel stilled being used according to E&E News exposé; D-FRAC cited.
  • PIOT Upstream Group pioneers the aggregation of hydraulic fracturing fluid disclosures with D-FRAC, the best source for comphrehensive data that is ready for use in your analyses

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Spanning all areas of the energy value chain, PIOT Upstream Group has many years of experience providing top-tier financial modeling and analytical expertise within a multitude of different contexts.

  • Upstream Exploration Evaluation
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With a unique ability to translate complex large-capital planning challenges into easy-to-follow and efficient models, PIOT Upstream Group can provide you with the most cost effective way of obtaining a quantitative vision of your project

Our experts include veterans of the petroleum industry and CFA analysts with a deep understanding of the financial aspects of the petroleum industry's upstream sector.

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